How-to Mac Sierra Install Npm

Mac Sierra Install Npm

Hello Mac User! First of all this Tutorials Shows You How-to Mac Sierra Install Npm and Node.js.

Especially relevant: the npm (Node Package Manager) is Included in the Node.js Installation.

So to we’ll provide directly to Download and Install the Latest Node.js release for Mac OS X.

Furthermore Npm is the package manager for Node.js and it help JavaScript developers easily share packaged modules of code.

Finally Node.js is an Amazing New Javascript Stuff that is at the Same Time either a Web Server and a Web Development Framework.

How-to Mac Sierra Install Npm - Featured
  1. Download Latest Node.js Installer for Mac OS X

    Mac node.js .pkg

    Select from the List the Macintosh Node.js Installer.

  2. Then simply Double-Click on node.js.pkg
    And Confirm the Installation.

    How-to Mac Sierra Install Npm - 1
    In a moment Node.js and Npm we’ll be successfully Installed 😉
    How-to Mac Sierra Install Npm - 2
  3. Finally Test the Installation
    First Open a Terminal window:

    How-to Mac Sierra Install Npm - Open Terminal
    And check the npm installation:

    which npm

    Next to Search on Npm Registry for packages:

    npm search [keyWord]
  4. Node.js Quick-Start Guide

    Node.js Jump-Start
  5. Now You are Able to Getting-Started with the Node.js Development, to Look for Further Docs and Resource meet the Online Node.js Developers Community.