Step-by-step – ffmpeg Mac 10.15 Catalina Installation Easy Guide


  1. Download Latest FFmpeg Build for Mac
    Get ffmpeg for macOS

    Select from the List the macOS 64-bit.

  2. To Extract ffmpeg Zip Double Click on Archive on Finder
     - ffmpeg on Mac Finder
  3. Access the Target Location
    In this Fashion:

    cd && cd Dowloads
  4. So Remove FFmpeg Zip

    sudo rm ./ffmpeg*.zip
  5. Now Relocate FFmpeg

    sudo mv ./ffmpeg* /opt/ffmpeg
  6. Next Set SuperUser as Owner
    Simply with:

    sudo chown -R root:admin /opt/ffmpeg

    Achieve the root Session:

  7. Further Insert ffmpeg into User’s Path
    This for Easy Launching:

    nano $HOME/.profile

    And Append:

    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/ffmpeg/bin

    Reload the Path with:

    source $HOME/.profile

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